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Posted On December 18, 2009

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I know, I know…

Posted On July 7, 2009

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I’ve been MIA forever… Well, a little over a month, but still… Here’s an update though:

Freddy is pottytrained, he hasn’t had accidents in a while, and right now we are working on sleep pottytraining. Not in a hurry though! :)
He’s been doing soooo many new things, and he’s just so much fun lately! I love his age so much!

Jason’s been laid off in the beginning of July, and he just found a new job. It’s part time, but it’s something to start!

He’s been home for over a month, so I guess that might be part of the reason for me not getting on my blog. We’ve been hanging out watching movies, taking Freddy to the park and Zoo, etc… Freddy’s gotten too spoiled by having daddy home all the time! :)

Oh, Fred can pretty much swim now!!! He sometimes forgets he needs to hold his head up, but all the movements are there! His spring session at Dolfun ended a week ago, and we are planning on getting him into classes at our local community pool. It’s a lot cheaper, and from what I heard, it’s pretty good! So we’ll see! But he really enjoys the water, so we need to keep it up! My mom sees him as the future Michael Phelps :)

We had a great 4th of July this year! Freddy and I actualy spent Friday – Sunday at Jason’s mom’s.
She got Freddy a pool so he’s been playing in it a lot. We’ve done a bunch of garage saling.
Saturday was Jason’s first day of work, and since we had nobody to go downtown with, we watched fireworks from his mom’s porch. Freddy really loved the sparklers!!!
Sunday we had a big BBQ with the family. Jason cooked and it was super yummy!!!

And yesterday we spent over 4 hours at the Zoo with Teri and Denise. Freddy had so much fun hanging out with them, he didn’t want them to leave in the end :)

Well, anytime you want to catch up on more pictures that I post, feel free to visit my Flickr

Sick… :(

Posted On May 20, 2009

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Yesterday wasn’t a great day… It sucks hearing a doctor tell you that your kid is healthy as a horse one day, and have that same kid wake up lethargic and with fever the next morning.
Yup, Freddy woke up with a 101.4 fever yesterday morning. All he wanted to do was lay down and cuddle. And if you know my kid, you know that it is VERY unusual for him…
All day we weren’t able to get his temp down below 100.7
I talked to the nurse and she told me that he wouldn’t have enough symptoms to get checked out that time, because he just got sick in the morning. So Jason and I decided to wait till the next morning to see how it was going.
Freddy, though still with a fever, started feeling kinda better by night, he even played with his toys. So we Jason put him in the tub before bed.
At first everything was ok, then Freddy started whining and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I took him out of the tub and he was burning up (the water wasn’t even that warm!)
He started throwing up a bunch, so we freaked out and called Jason’s mom so she could bring us to the ER.
When they measured his temp there, it was 103. Well, we thought he might have had a flu, but when the doctor checked him, turned out it was a viral pharyngitis, which pretty much is a sore throat.
They gave him some anti-nausea meds and something for his fever, which brought it way down, and sent us on our way.
@ the hospital...

He kept waking up at night, because of how much his throat hurt… He is doing a lot better today though, minus the pain. We were even able to take him to the library! Needless to say that made him pretty happy!
Hooray for feeling better!

3 year check up

Posted On May 18, 2009

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Well, Freddy is not in the 90% anymore, but growing well anyways! He is 33.5 pounds and 38 inches long!
According to the doctor he is super healthy and very smart, and acts like any other 3-year old :)
3 year check up

The cool update is that Freddy’s been wearing undies all the time (except for when he’s sleeping)!!! Hopefully soon he can get his wish and go to school!

He’s doing really well at his swimming as well, I am really impressed by his progress! If only he wasn’t testing the instructor so much :)

When we ask him how old he is, he proudly announces “Me three!”

Multnomah Falls Trip

Posted On May 17, 2009

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We had to take Grandma back home today, well, kinda I guess. Grandpa was meeting us and picking her up at Multnomah Falls.
Multnomah Falls

I’ve been there so many times, but I love that place, so I am always excited about going there!

Freddy decided to take his new dinos (thanks Auntie Rachael!) with him. There’s 3 dinosaurs, Freddy has 2 hands, so guess what he did?

Yeah, but my kid’s pretty cool though! You know it, I know it, everyone does! :)

Birthday Party

Posted On May 16, 2009

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This year we decided to have Freddy’s party at the park, and we picked Mt Tabor because of how nice and prety it is!
It was a great choice on one hand, but on the other almost all of the guests got lost and were pretty late :) Not good for a mom who’s stressed out :)
It went great though, everyone had fun, Freddy got a ton of cool gifts!
3rd Birthday Party

3rd Birthday Party

For some reason, I am guessing because of how hectic it was, I didn’t get too many pictures… Oh well, I guess there’s always next time! Or I should get ahold of Rachael’s camera and see what she has!

For some reason I didn’t take too many pictres though…

Rain Rain, Go Away!

Posted On May 13, 2009

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I am tired of rain, but Freddy loves it! Every time he looks out of the window and sees that it’s raining, he runs to me saying “Lets go puddle stomping, mom! I get my rain boots!” :)
He’d happily go out in the rain if it’s freezing outside, me, I’d rather not get my feet wet, but I do whatever makes the little person happy!

At least I can play with my camera while Freddy is splashing in a puddle!

Bike and Cupcakes and a Birthday Boy!

Posted On May 12, 2009

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Guess what Freddy got for his birthday? A bike! With training wheels! I think I am more excited than he is though :)
Testing out his new bike

He really wanted to go ride it but got frustrated after a bit because the pedals won’t go backwards like on his trike :) Plus Jason thinks we need to move his seat up a little!

So instead we just took him to the store to get his cupcakes. Grandma came over after work and we sang him a happy birthday song.

He was so happy! Part of that might be all the sugar he ate today :) We usualy only give him candy as a reward but since today is his day we let him eat whatever he wanted. And that pretty much consisted of candy, doughnuts, cupcakes and stuff.

Anyways, look at the license plate on his bike!

Freddy is 3!!!

Posted On May 12, 2009

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3 years ago at this time I was still pregnant. I couldn’t sleep because I was dreading my 7 am induction appointment at the hospital.
After only a few {easy} hours of labor, our 8 pound 4 ounce bundle of joy was born!


All he wanted to do was nurse and sleep on me.

Now he is a bundle of energy and such a happy boy! He talks non-stop, runs and jumps, likes to be outside and eat strawberries.

He can count till about 30, knows his colors but likes to mix them up for fun, knows shapes and some Russian words. He just recently started drawing faces and “people”

A person by Freddy

These have been such wonderful 3 years, and we are looking forward for more to come!

Happy Birthday, Freddy! We love you!!!

Look Who’s Turning 3!

Posted On May 7, 2009

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3 year portraits

We had Freddy’s pics taken at Picture People last weekend. Man, this kid is a model; he was posing and everything!
It’s crazy how fast the time goes by… May 12th will mark the day we’ve been parents for 3 years!!!

3 year portraits3 year portraits

Oh, and look who’s turning 26! :) I am sharing my birthday with Mothers Day this year…

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